Injuries, incontinence, difficulty reaching orgasm – due to physical and mental factors – are all problems faced by women after childbirth.

To combat the effects of giving birth, young mum Yazmin James, 26, chose to undergo a vagina tightening treatment to ‘rejuvenate’ her vagina.

She had Botox injections, collagen in her lips, and a filler in the bridge of her nose. But after having her children, Hugo, two, and Hudson, four months, Yazmin stopped spending money on cosmetic procedures – so it made sense for her to dedicate that money to looking after her vagina.

She said: ‘I look after my face, so why wouldn’t I spend the time and money on looking after other parts of my body?

‘I feel like looking after your vagina is a really under-talked about topic but it’s clearly something that is a massive part of being a woman.’

She underwent the eight minute BTL Ultra Femme 360 treatment at River Aesthetics in Bournemouth, which involves inserting a 40C device inside her vagina in an in and out motion. The procedure requires three treatments and costs £1,800 for both the internal and the external treatments. For Yazmin, that expense makes sense – before the birth of her babies she spent £1,200 a year on cosmetic procedures and had, in the past spent a further £2,500 on a breast enlargement.

To open up the conversation, Yazmin bravely chose to have her treatment filmed, so she could share the footage with the world.

‘A lot of women are ashamed to talk about their private area, but me and my friends aren’t embarrassed to and I want women to realise it’s not a taboo subject – and having the cameras in during my procedure will hopefully have shown that,’ she explains.

‘I haven’t had that much of a sex life recently because I have been so busy with my newborn and, of course, giving birth changes the way your vagina is, so I wanted to get some confidence back.

‘We all want our faces to look attractive, so why not our vaginas?

‘Having this procedure is a no-brainer – it will hopefully make my orgasms more intense and regular as well as improving me down there.

‘Stephen, who I’ve been with for seven years, was keen, too. He knows that, after having a baby, I have changed in that area.

‘He says I am perfect, but says I should do what I want to make me feel good.

‘People get their hair cut and coloured, their legs waxed and look after the rest of their bodies, so what’s the difference with looking after yourself downstairs?

‘It’s still part of your body, so why not?

‘As for being filmed – it didn’t phase me at all as I knew it was for a greater purpose.’

The Ultra Femme 360 stimulates the production of collagen, making the vaginal tissue stronger and tighter. Alongside boosting sexual experience, the treatment can help women struggling with incontinence, improving the function of the pelvic floor.

Dr Victoria Manning, Clinical Director of River Aesthetics, where Yazmin had her treatment, said: ‘One in four women are suffering and they’re not seeing their GP about it.

‘Most of our patients, even after just one treatment, notice a significant improvement.

‘We recommend three treatments, a week apart and they will see their maximum results at three months, and their results should last up to two years.’ 



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