In preparation of this launch BTL has already produced a peer reviewed papers in the journal of cosmetic dermatology demonstrating statistically quantifiable improvements in SUI and vaginal laxity with 93% of patients reporting “very satisfied” with the results.  Thus, doctors are confident that patients will receive a clinically proven treatment producing excellent results that surpass any published data using laser for this procedure.  Demand for treatment is already proving to be very strong in the USA where we have already launched.  The BTL ultrafemme360 is already available in several clinics spread across the country

This important launch event took place at the prestigious VSC members club in Westminster.  There were several short presentations covering clinical results from UK Doctors and technical experts.  The clinical presentation of the BTL ultrafemme 360 results were well received by the attending Doctors and the session was followed by the usual question and answer section which concluded that


How does the BTL Utrafemme 360 compare to existing laser treatments.

The clinical outcomes are similar but with out the pain or downtime some patients experience after laser


What are the medical tests before a BTL ultrafemme 360 treatment should we be doing looking for other conditions. 

As with all Doctors they will take a complete medical history from patients during the consultation stage and determine what new tests are needed if any.  Everyone agreed that as a minimum a vaginal smear test should have been done within the last 12 months


Do many patients request aesthetic remodelling without the internal application. 

Yes, is the answer although the BTL ultrafemme 360 deals with conditions such as vaginal laxity, mucosal health there is strong demand for aesthetic changes to the external labia.  The importance of which is not to be overlooked as it has a large effect on the mental wellbeing of patients if they are unhappy with the appearance of their labia.


What is the method of action regarding the reported improvement in symptoms of SUI. 

The BTL ultrafemme 360 regenerates collagen and elastin in the vaginal wall.  This produces a thicker and healthy vaginal wall that offer more support in the anterior section of the vaginal wall that in turn reduces the pressure on the sphincter that is responsible for continence.


How consistent are the results with the BTL ultrafemme 360? 

Recent clinical studies published concluded a 93% satisfaction rate with outcomes


Is the BTL ultrafemme 360 painful. 

No, the treatment is not painful at all, as the thermal profile needed to be attained is under the temperature that most people would consider painful.


Dr Shirin Lakhani owner of Elite Aesthetics presenting her early experiences in delivering the BTL Ultrafemme 360 treatment


Mr Lee Boulderstone presenting data on the status of patients in the UK who currently do not seek a solution to their various female health issues


Dr Galyna Selzenova from the DR Rita Rakus Clinic in Knightsbridge arriving and being greeted by Lee Brine at the launch of the BTL Ultrafemme 360


Doctor invited Attendees

7. Dr Shirin Lakharni ( Elite Aesthetics ) 8. Dr Anita Sturnham ( Nurriss Skin Care ) 9. Natalie Dryden ( Nuriss Skin Care ) 10. Dr Rita Rakus ( Dr Rita Rakus Clinic ) 11. Dr Galyna Selesneva ( Dr Rita Rakus Clinic ) 12. Mr Kambiz Golchn ( Beacon Face Clinic ) 13. Dr Ariel Haus ( Dr Haus Clinic ) 14. Craig ( Dr Haus Clinic ) 15. Niall Marshall-Manifold ( Wimbledon Clinic ) 16. Kasia Zajkowka ( BelleCell Clinic ) 17. Leanne Hawkins ( Life Should be Beautiful Clinic ) 18. Anne Marie Mascall ( ICE Clinic ) 19. Nikki Chinneew ( ICE Clinic ) 20. Hailey Campbele ( ICE Clinic ) 21. Bronwen Dudley Owen ( Guernsey Skin Clinic ) 22. Sarah Patterson ( Guernsey Skin Clinic ) 23. Grace Kereli ( G & M Healthcare ) 24. Martin Hulaa ( G & M Healthcare ) 25. Ridah Syef ( Pfeffersal Clinic ) 26. Andrea Pfefeffersal ( Pfeffersal Clinic ) 27. Anna Bannas ( Derma Vita ) 28. Emilia Staszko ( Derma Vita ) 29. Charlotte McNeil ( Cardiff Beauty ) 30. Emma Cummings ( Cardiff Beauty ) 31. Lisa Littlehales ( Cavendish Clinic ) 32. Leah Austin ( London Nutrition ) 33. Kamila Pleszkiewicz ( Evetone Clinic ) 34.  +1 ( Evetone Clinic

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